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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions

I am currently hosted at another hosting company and wish to move my web site to dmihosting, how do I do that ?

You will have to order one of our hosting plans at http://www.dmihosting.com/members/order/index.php. After which we will setup your account on our servers and send you an account confirmation, which will include your new username, password and account info along with many other helpful tips. Note: Keep this email. You will need it for future reference! You will also need to contact your domain registrar company to help ensure that the transfer of your domain happens from your current hosting company to dmihosting. This can be achieved by giving them our DNS values. Finally, using a FTP (File transfer program) like WS_FTP, CuteFTP, or FrontPage you will need to transfer your website from your current hosting company to your newly established account with dmihosting.


Where do I sign-up ?
Go to http://www.dmihosting.com/members/order/index.php


What are your Primary and Secondary DNS numbers?

The name servers are listed in your welcome email. If you have lost your welcome email please contact the customer support dept to get another copy.


What is your spam and bulk e-mail policy?
dmihosting.com has a zero tolerance policy against spamming and bulk e-mail. Users who Spam via e-mail, newsgroups, etc. are not allowed on our Network. If we receive complaints of spamming and bulk e-mail, we will remove you from our network and terminate your account immediately.


What form of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Delta, Novus, Euro Card, Checks, Money Orders, Wire transfers, Switch, Solo cards and debit cards.


What are your server and network specifications?
We use Pentium Servers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Where are your servers located ?
Our Servers are hosted in a huge data facility in Tampa, Florida
with Major Tier 1 backbone providers: Level 3 ,XO , Global Crossing, Aleron and Cogent at DS3 - Gig Ethernet. Meaning, we have a HUGE connection directly to the internet. Once connected to our network we have redundant firewalls and Cisco routers


Do you support Microsoft FrontPage Extensions ?
Microsoft FrontPage 98, 2000 and 2002 extensions are supported and included free of charge in all of our packages.


Do you support Active Server Pages (ASP) and Cold Fusion ?
At this point we do not support Active Server Pages or Cold Fusion as our servers run RedHat Enterprise Linux while ASP and Cold Fusion run on Microsoft Windows NT platform. We instead offer PHP, Perl and MySQL.


Do you host international domain names ?
Yes we do.


Do you provide dial-up Internet access ?


Do you offer 24/7 technical support ?
Yes we do, please visit the support pages if you need assistance at http://dmihosting.com/support.htm


Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. so you may try out our great hosting package without any risk.


Can you register domain names for me ?
No, you will need to register the domain name yourself. We can recommend some very cheap and reliable ICANN accredited registrars for your domain name. Go to http://gkg.net, domains are only $9.95 per domain.


Do you have a hosting reseller or affiliate program ?
At the moment we do not offer such a program, however we do offer affiliate program for our software, which is extremely rewarding; please go to http://dmisoftware.com to learn more.


Can I host an adult site ?
Absolutely NOT. We are 100% against adult and pornographic websites. If your site is found to be hosting such material on our servers, your account will immediately be deleted.


Can I access my domain name without putting "www." in front of it?
Yes. You can access your site at either "http://www.yourdomain.com" or "http://yourdomain.com".


How do I upgrade my plan?
To upgrade your account please contact our billing department at billing@dmihosting.com. In your request, specify the plan that you would like to upgrade to along with the billing period, and a member or our billing team will complete your upgrade and contact you within 24-hours.


Are monthly payment plans available?

To keep running costs low, we only offer Annual Billing plans.


How much data transfer is sufficient for my site ?
It depends on the amount of traffic your site gets, If its a personal site or a business startup  then our beginner plan which offers a generous 6 GB of transfer should be more than enough. For professional businesses you can sign up for the platinum plan for just under $10 you get 60 GB which is huge even for the largest sites.


Are your servers Windows NT or UNIX-based?
We use Redhat Linux Enterprise which is a Unix based operating system.


Can I pay using a check or money order?
To pay by any method other than credit card please contact our billing dept at billing@dmihosting.com


How long does it take to setup the account ?
Usually within a few hours (Max. within 24 hours)


How long will it take to activate my domain name?
As we don’t register your domain name, it will depend on how long you take to get your domain registered with your domain registrar. Usually it takes less than 30 minutes to setup with your registrar. The DNS server entries take hardly a minute to setup with your registrar. Once your domain is setup with our DNS name servers, it will take about 24-72 hours for your domain name to propagate on the Internet. This is a standard domain propagation time and regardless of whom your registrar or hosting company is; will take the same time.


I want to compare your hosting plans ?
Go to http://dmihosting.com/compare.htm


Which package should I choose ?
Go to http://dmihosting.com/compare.htm and see that options suite your hosting needs best.


How do I transfer files to my website?
Any FTP client (including CuteFTP, WS-FTP, etc.) can access our Web servers. You can also use Microsoft FrontPage to transfer your files. Your username for FTP is the username@yourdomain.com


How do I cancel my account?
You may cancel at anytime. If you cancel before the first 30 days, please refer to the details under "Limited 30-day Money Back Guarantee." If you cancel after the first 30 days from the opening of your account, you will be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effectiveness of the cancellation. dmihosting.com (Digital Millenium Inc.) will refund to you the prepaid fees for basic hosting for the full months remaining after effectiveness of cancellation, less any prior fees and charges, fee for the running month  and an early cancellation fee of $25. Accounts that are terminated by dmihosting.com (Digital Millenium Inc.) will not receive any refund. All cancellations must be received in writing as per the deadlines indicated; E-mail and fax notifications are acceptable for cancellation please email cancellations@dmihosting.com or fax to 1-530-325-5086. Once your email or fax is received we will forward you a cancellation request form which must be filled out, signed and faxed to 1-503-568-1561


Limited 30-day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days from the opening of the account, you will be given a full refund on your hosting fee excluding setup fees and additional services. If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase. If your account has been cancelled by us due to a breach of the terms and conditions on your part, you will not be eligible for a refund.


Are there any setup fees ?
Setup is FREE for all packages except the basic beginner plan of $3/Month on which a $5 One time setup fee applies.


Will there be any ads placed on my Web site?
No. We give you full control of your Website, and do not require any of our logos or advertisements to be placed on your Website.


Do you offer telnet/shell access ?
No we don’t provide TELNET or Shell access due to security reasons, most commands that are needed can be used via a FTP Program such as cuteftp, WS_FTP, etc.


How many e-mail addresses do I get?
Depending on which package you choose it can vary from 3 for the basic plan to 500 for the platinum. To view complete details please see the comparison table at http://dmihosting.com/compare.htm


How long have you been in Business ?
We have been in business for over 8 years. Digital Millenium Inc. the parent company of dmihosting.com was started back in 1998. We are a privately owned, profitable, and debt-free company. We have over 16,000 customers as of May 2006.


How long does it take to get my domain working ?
It will take 24-72 hours after you make the DNS change with your registrar. This is the standard Internet Propagation time and is the same of all registrars and hosting companies.


What is the Operating system of your servers ?
Redhat Linux Enterprise.


Do you offer NT Hosting ?


Do you offer any e-commerce or shopping cart programs ?
No, we do not provide e-commerce or shopping cart software. However, our package comes with its own cgi-bin. This means that you can install your own e-commerce or shopping cart software on our server. We can provide you with all the necessary server paths for your installation. Please note that we do NOT provide technical support for third-party software. We can install Miva Merchant 2 for you but you will need to purchase a license directly from Miva to activate your store.


Can I have another provider be my DNS and have you host the Web site ?


Do you offer dedicated servers or co-location services ?


What kind of technical support is included ?

Any questions that you might have related to your Web hosting account will be answered at no charge 24-hours a day by e-mail. Technical support for software or services provided by third parties is NOT provided, but there are extensive step-by-step tutorials for common programs in the support area at http://dmihosting.com/support.htm


How do I know if you will be around in the next few years?
We continue to thrive and are one of the fastest growing businesses on the Internet. We are a privately owned, profitable, and debt-free company.


What do you consider excessive amounts of resources ?
A website is considered to be using "excessive amounts of resources" when the website uses 10% or more of our system resources for 60 seconds or longer. There are numerous problems that could cause such problems including: CGI scripts, FTP, HTTP, etc. We reserve the right to suspend any hosting account that we feel is jeopardizing our network.


Do you support anonymous ftp?


How do I transfer my domain name to dmihosting.com without experiencing any downtime ?
To avoid downtime, please follow these procedures:

1) Sign up for a Web hosting account using our online order form . Once your account is setup, you will receive an e-mail from us with your FTP login information


2) Next, upload all of your files to our Web server.


3) After you're done uploading your files, contact your domain name registrar and have your domain name pointed to our DNS numbers indicated in your welcome email.


4) Now, be patient. It will take about 24-72 hours for your registrar to update their DNS (the amount of actual time varies by registrar). Once it's updated, your domain name will point to your new website that is hosted on our servers automatically.


5) If you use e-mail associated with the domain name, we recommend you check mail at both locations (with your previous hosting company and on our mail server). Once you confirm that all e-mail settings and your website are properly pointed to dmihosting.com, go ahead and cancel your account with your previous hosting company.


What currency are your fees in ?
All Prices are quoted in US Dollars.


How much does additional server space and bandwidth cost, if I go over the limit?
Extra space costs $1 per month for each additional 100 MB of server space. Additional data transfer costs $1 per month for each additional GB.


What is your level of uptime?
Uptime is averaged over the 12 months period excluding scheduled maintenance. We are currently running at 99.9% uptime.


Do you offer phone support?
In order to keep costs low, at this time we don't offer Phone Support.


Can I have the name of any site you are currently hosting so I can check ping time?
Sure just ping http://seeknclean.com


I have an intensive CGI script I would like to run. What happens if it uses too much of the server? Will you shut me down?
If we find that a script you are running is draining more than your fair share of the server's resources we will give you a warning and ask that you discontinue its use, or trim it down. If you are looking to run such scripts we suggest you get a dedicated server.


Do you support MySQL?


Do I get access to the server root with my account?
Absolutely NOT


Can I upgrade my plan at any time?


Do I have access to my account 24 hours a day?


Do you allow warez, cracks sites or content?
No. Please read our terms and conditions and AUP agreement at http://dmihosting.com/terms.htm


Do you allow MP3 sites?


Can I order even though I do not live in the US?
Yes, you can still order with us. We can host all international domain names and accept many different forms of payment, including credit/debit cards, checks, money orders, Wire Transfer, Paypal, etc.


Copyright 1998-2011 Digital Millenium Inc. Dmihosting.com and DmiSoftware.com are both divisions of Digital Millenium Inc. All rights Reserved. The Use of this site and the services offered are subject to the dmihosting.com Terms of Service.