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Frequently Asked Questions

Email Related Questions

What is your spam and bulk e-mail policy?
dmihosting.com has a zero tolerance policy against spamming and bulk e-mail. Users who Spam via e-mail, newsgroups, etc. are not allowed on our Network. If we receive complaints of spamming and bulk e-mail, we will remove you from our network and terminate your account immediately.


How many e-mail addresses do I get?
Depending on which package you choose it can vary from 3 for the basic plan to 500 for the platinum. To view complete details please see the comparison table at http://dmihosting.com/compare.htm


When will my e-mail be functional?
Your main mail account is automatically set up once your account is activated with us. Your domain name MUST be pointed to our DNS before your e-mail service will work. To verify your e-mail configurations for POP accounts and e-mail forwarding, auto responders, etc please login to the members area account control panel.


What is the difference between POP3 and Forwarding?
POP3 accounts store your e-mail on our mail server which you can then either read via squirrelmail web based email that is provided at http://yourdomainame.com/squirrelmail/ or be downloaded to your computer by configuring your mail client such as outlook, Netscape, Eudora). Forwarding is when our mail server automatically forwards all e-mail received to your local ISP or existing e-mail address. These messages will not be stored on our servers.


How do I create additional POP accounts and e-mail forwarding?
Please login to the members area account control panel to make these changes.


What are my POP3 and SMTP Servers ?
Incoming POP3 Mailserver is mail.yourdomain.com Outgoing SMTP Mailserver is mail.yourdomain.com


When I try to send email I get IP address lookup failed, Relaying denied error?
To prevent unauthorized access and potential for Spam, we do not allow our SMTP server to relay any incoming messages except for the domains listed on the server. This means that if you are using your mail client to send email then you can NOT use our SMTP server, instead use your own ISP server to send email, however you CAN use our SMTP server to send email by using your web based email account at http://yourdomain.com/squirrelmail/


What is the maximum file size for attachments?
E-Mail messages are limited to 9.5 MB in order to enhance the overall performance of your e-mail service. Your attachments with your email message can total 9.5 MB. We're sorry, but this limit is non-negotiable.


What is the size of my mailbox ?
Your Master Mail box also called the catch all default mailbox depends on the size of your disk quota, your mailbox can occupy as much space as is available in your quota. You can configure the individual pop accounts via your account control panel in member’s area, max limit is the size of your disk quota.


What does unlimited e-mail aliases mean?
Unlimited e-mail aliases means that you can use anything@yourdomain.com as your email address. For example, you may want to use a few different e-mail links on your site such as: support@yourdomain.com info@yourdomain.com webmaster@yourdomain.com Note: You do not need to do anything to get anything@yourdomain.com to forward to your primary POP account. We set this up as a default when your account was setup.

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