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Frequently Asked Questions

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Questions

How do I transfer files to my website?
Any FTP client (including CuteFTP, WS-FTP, etc.) can access our Web servers. You can also use Microsoft FrontPage to transfer your files. Your username for FTP is the username@yourdomain.com


Do you support anonymous ftp?


When should I upload in ASCII or Binary Mode ?
ASCII files are text-only and can be edited with any text editor. Binary files are in binary format and can only be viewed by specific programs that know how to interpret their formats. If you want to check for a specific file extension, try the lists below. Common Extensions (ASCII): htm, html, pl, cgi, shtml, cnf, css, forward, htaccess, map, pwd, txt, grp, ctl Common Extensions (Binary): jpg, gif, class, mid, ra, avi, ocx, wav, au,exe


I've uploaded my files but my site is not coming up in my browser. Why?
When you use FTP to access your account on our servers, you should upload all your files except cgi files to /var/www/html folder or the mainwebsite_html folder. Make sure your main page (the first page you want people to see when they visit yoursite.com) is titled "index.html" or "index.htm" The title of this file should be in all lowercase letters. It cannot be named "INDEX.HTML" or "Index.html"


Does my FTP activity count towards my total bandwidth?
Yes it does.


What is "CHMOD" and what do all those numbers mean?
Basically CHMOD refers to setting the access privledges for a file. 777: all can read/write/exec 755: owner can do all, group/others can read/exec 644: owner can read/write, group/others can read only For Directories: 777: all can read, write, search 755: owner can do all, others and group can only search Typical settings: cgi scripts: 755 data files: 666 configuration files: 644 (files not updated by scripts) directories: 777 (with proper permissions on files in directory)


I uploaded my file but the file size is zero no matter what. What's going on?
This is probably an indication that you are over your storage quota.

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